– Scam Site Warning - Scam Site Warning is a SCAM

We have identified that is a scam with the help of our investigations review team. We receive reports from few people and our intelligence team that it should go in our SCAM LIST because the site is a fraud, not paying, or there was a previous report of scam accusation. In my previous post I have also listed,, as scam. Stay away from these fraud and too good to be true scam sites. - Scam Site Warning – Scam Site Warning

I know that you really want to make money online that is why you are here. Probably the website has scammed you or you’re looking for ways on how to make your money grow. Well, we have provided some list of websites which we know are safe to invest. You can check our TRUSTED BITCOIN CLOUD MINING. However, we don’t make any guarantee that these site will stay in our trusted list. We will immediately remove sites from the list if they turned to be scam.

We advise everyone not to invest at Don’t be one of the victims who have been scammed already. I bet 99.9% of HYIP are scam. The internet is full of scam sites nowadays that is why a thorough research is needed before deciding to join. Most High Yied Investment Program (HYIP) are paying at first and turned to be scam if there are no new members invested.

Please share your experience and review in the comment field below if the website has scammed you. Check it here first by using the search button at the top right corner of the page if you know any investment site and there’s a doubt in your mind. If it isn’t in our Scam List, contact us and we’ll check it and get back to you.

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Ameera Bousaid

I would like to suggest this site: btcmoneysystem Its a trusted and really paying.

Thomas Proszowski

Hi everyone. Ive been looking for free bitcoin mining websites with no investment .I’d appreciate your recommendation at [email protected]

Ronald Fred

YOU can try this sir.

using TELEGRAM APPS in your phone.

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Michael Nools

Tips mining And investing
greatbitcoinmining.blogspot.comcomment image

Michael Nools
Guest common scam is when you do not send any earnings !!!Dont invest!

Rohan Gupta
Gainbitcoin is a Genuine Bitcoin Mining company with their registered office in Singapore,UAE,Paname. The company has their Mining Farms in China East & West. Gainbitcoin gives 10 ℅ guaranteed monthly mining outputs for 18 months, 5 ℅ direct reffral & 8 ℅ binary. Free Signup link- Below you can see the vedios-. how can purchase contract -. Safe on ScamAdviser . . Why China?? Today 40% of the mining worldwide is done in China. 1) Bitcoin Servers ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) Hardware Manufactured in China, cheaper than the ones available from other parts of the world.Read more »
Pradip Rathore

I have already 20 btc invest in
Is 100% secure guys

petr kubricht

Ive been using Genesis Mining now for a little over a year. If you watch the market and allocate hashpower correctly, you can make some real money. Sha256 contracts just became less expensive and higher payouts! and X11 is offering 2 year contracts rather than the original 1 year!

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TheSquishedPotato 4Eva
TheSquishedPotato 4Eva

I was using this site and I deposited less than a cent just to test. I logged in 5 days later and it kept on giving me an error that my password was wrong when I had it written down and I had it memorised, I went to change the password and I received no email confirming I wanted my password changed. It seems like this site is a full on scam and they will make you really frustrated.