Review (SCAM) – Earn 9% to 12% daily forever Review, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not. Payment Status: SCAM… NOT PAYING… Review
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Summary investment plans are 9% daily for lifetime, 10% daily for lifetime and 12% daily for lifetime. The minimum investment is 0.001 BTC and the referral commission is 5% on the first level.

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If you have been browsing the internet since yesterday, September 30, 2017, you would have come across the investment site known as This website looks like a place to run to if you want the best for your hard earned money. There are many investment opportunities out there, but a closer look at this particular one reveals a lot of differences.

Bit Dragon Limited consists of professionals who have proved their worth in cryptocurrency mining and trading. Despite the large price swings of Bitcoin, guarantees a daily profit. Looking at its history, has prepared itself for this time. The workers haven’t been idle since July 17 when the company was successfully incorporated.

Bit Dragon Limited can be found at 50 Hatton Garden, London (UK) EC1N 8YS. The managers were given a certificate with the number, 10869843. This information can be verified with the Beta Companies House. Overview

The website has a picture of something resembling a dragon on its pages. If you haven’t seen one in your entire life, this is an opportunity to know what a dragon looks like. displays the number of visitors online at any time. This can give one an idea of the traffic it has and how popular it is. To draw a reasonable conclusion from the data, you would be required to visit the site every day of the week and then take an average since some persons are not naturally disposed to browsing the internet on certain days.

There is also a digital clock to enjoy. The clock ticks every second, and it doesn’t stop even if you lose your internet connection. It is, therefore, a good alternative to owning a wristwatch especially if you are in the UK.

It appears the site managers are not done yet with the design as they are still yet to include other languages in the language menu already created. Maybe in next few days or weeks, some languages other than the English Language will appear. If that happens, the site’s visitor and membership statistics will improve and you will see it clearly on the website’s pages.

At the moment, has 400+ members who have deposited about 3.66 BTC and withdrawn close to 0.15 BTC. Benefits

High-Interest rates has three investment packages to suit different kinds of investors:

  • The Starter Plan pays 9% daily for deposits between 0.001 BTC and 5 BTC
  • The Medium Plan pays 10% daily for deposits between 5.000001 BTC and 10 BTC
  • The PRO Plan pays 12% daily for deposits between 10.000001 BTC and 30 BTC.

You can calculate all your potential earnings on the calculator given on the “about us” page.


Instant Withdrawals

The withdrawal system is automatic. Nothing and nobody stop in the way of the request you make. You are therefore bound to get your money instantly. has a special support team to resolve pending requests that have lasted up to 24 hours. This rarely happens, but in case it does, feel free to contact the support team.


Lifetime Earnings

Once a member at, you will always continue to be a member. This is because none of your deposits will expire and each one will continue yielding profits without end. This is like what civil servants crave for in pension.


0.0004 BTC minimum withdrawals

This minimum withdrawal amount further hints that is all out to bless lives. After paying so high in its investment packages, it has lowered its minimum withdrawal amount so that people can enjoy the benefits of the company on a daily basis.


Zero Fees

There are no fees to pay as a member of Your deposits and withdrawals are completely free from any side charges.


Anti-DDOS protection

Any attack made on to hack accounts and steal funds will not thrive because of the powerful anti-DDoS protection it has. The site is also serviced by Comodo, which gives it its SSL protection and GeoTrust, which scans the site regularly for malware.


Referral and Representative Bonuses

While referrals are paid 5%-1%-1% on three separate levels, representatives get 7%-2%-1% in levels 1 to 3 respectively, just like the ordinary referrals are paid. As a representative, you are more recognized by the company so you will likely be engaged in more tasks. Contact the company immediately if you are interested as there may be limited slots for your area.


24×7 Customer Support

There is no live chat on the website, but you can still enjoy that feature by subscribing to the company’s Facebook account. The Twitter account is also another place to get the latest facts about Bit Dragon Limited. The email account, support (at), can also be used, and if you prefer making a phone call, you can dial +44 (0)20 3608 7487. There is yet another way to get in touch with the organizers; fill the support form on the “contact” page and you will get a reply in the email address you submit with the inquiry.


Conclusion is a registered company in the UK looking for people’s investments as a means of expanding its business. In return, depositors are paid between 9% and 12% of their deposits, depending on how much they have in their accounts. The more deposits one makes, the more the potential to make quick money. However, nobody expects you to invest all you have. Deposit only a little at a time and go for more only if you are sure that you won’t be hurt if things don’t go as planned. We wish and all its potential clients the very best.

BITDRAGON.LTD is a SCAM. It’s stopped paying.




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Disclaimer: Not all the websites listed in our Top List are 100% safe to invest. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

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i had really BAD EXPERIENCE with depostis to this site.

I made hundreds deposits, transactions everywhere but here they “didn’t” got my deposits.

i emailed them, messenger chat, but now they cancel messenger i cannot talk with them and they stopped to respond on my emails.

Be aware. i have bad experience with them!!!


This is now a scam


anybody getting paid? My Withdrawal has been put in pending.


Withdrawal already que…not instant.when they will release?


is it worth to join bitdragon now?


Guys who ever want to Join me feel free and I will be willing and open to assist in anyway I can guys…below is my link


In this world there will always be pros and cons and for me I have join bitdragon for 2 weeks and they have been so good and all said about them is true and working perfect for me. I always get to redraw my profit so if you are a risk taker like me…please feel free to join my link but make sure to invest what worth you taking risk..


I did not withdraw money from bitdragon


bitdragon scam


Remember Bitcoin was even scam when it came out because I listen to people and yes…because of that I lost this big chance so give it a try with the little you have than sitting and saying is a scam..that is my little advice bro.


you still have money?


how to withdraw. i cant’t


as far as I can tell its a scam.
tried to withdraw for a week now and I have opened a ticket where they answer but don’t solve the solution. so I can never withdraw anything.


I would like to correct myself, after a week of painfully back and fort discussion with tickets (support system).
The withdrawel finally came through.


They say that there is 24/7 customer support. MY ASS been waiting for 20 hours to respond where is my deposit (with 58 approvals) and no sigh of BITDRAGON.LTD



Hello John… I understand how you feel but the truth is that I also lost some money investing the first time in Bitdragon and the error I notice I made was paying 1$ extra from what I put in the dragon to invest and since everything is automatic it never reflected in my account and because of that I didn’t also get the transaction code they were asking for to fix that error so I just let it go…but i’m telling you they are paying me everyday and I make over $100 redrawer everyday man..


Then you have luck. I tried toget my deposits bacb, but had no sucsess with them.


now officially scam


Just joined, looks promising! If you’re feeling generous, this is my code: