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Summary investment plans are 0.1-10% daily depends on a Trade Group offer. The minimum amount to deposit is $5 while the referral commission is 5%.

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Cryptocurrency trading is a sure way of earning real cash, but it all depends on your expertise and level of training. Inexperienced traders are always advised to try out services like that guarantee steady profits every day. is both an escrow service and an investment opportunity. As an investment opportunity, customers are guaranteed a fixed interest on a daily basis. The escrow service comes into play when you decide to invest with other groups that are attached to it. That is why it has adopted the name Chain Group. It is a chain of other groups that trade cryptocurrencies for those who are not so good at it. They offer variable interest rates that are however within a range. Even though you may not be sure of what the groups can give you on a daily basis, you can still know that you will profit at the end of the day. The reason for the variability in daily interest rates is to ensure that even when they don’t make profits from a day’s trade, you will not be affected by it. Instead of partaking in the loss, you will be given a little profit for the day. Some of the groups attached to include Dragon Foundation, Bitstrong, and T.G Thomas & Others. These groups are independent of one another but you can invest into any of them through However, if you need clarity on any particular one, you are advised to contact the one concerned. You can find contact information on the website or ask customer representative to give you more details about them. Overview

Although there are many investment sites and opportunities on, the organizers of this escrow investment service have tried to make things plain. To start an investment, open a free account on After creating an account, the next thing to do is to fund your account on You are advised not to deal directly with any of the groups you may be interested in. If you want to invest in any group, make sure you do that through That is the only way you can be guaranteed of steady profits every day.

One thing you will like about the website is its simplicity. The date and time in UTC are always found there too. More so, you can always count on the site for an updated BTC/USD exchange rate. Benefits

Investor Benefits

Stable profit for 500 days

If you are not comfortable with the variable interest rates, you can opt for the stable one which pays 0.20% per day. This interest comes in daily, including the weekends. Hence, at the end of the week, you have a guaranteed profit of 1.40% and a monthly profit of 6.00%. This looks small, but there is nothing better than being sure of a consistent payment schedule.


Multiple Payment Systems

You can load funds and withdraw in up to 14 different ways. The payment systems supported here include Advcash, Perfect Money, Payeer, BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, ETC, DASH, XMR, ZCASH, WAVES, STEEM and DOGE.


Stabilization Fund

Just in case any trade group you invest in goes bankrupt, you will be compensated with the stabilization fund they paid. Each new trade group on is expected to pay at least $15,000 to get you protected from a scam or a total loss. However, some groups have more than this amount, even to the tune of $50,000.


No fake proposals

Fake proposals are screened and denied the service of Hence, even new comers in HYIP investment will most likely have nothing to lose since does most of the investigations on their behalf.



Having a variety of trade groups at your disposal puts you at an advantage. You are free to invest in more than one group if you are capable of spending much. Some of the trade groups already on allow early withdrawal and compounding. is a place to see which investment opportunities match your interest.


Referral Commission

By telling your friend to invest through the site, you are getting prepared to earn 5% of whatever amount he invests eventually. It doesn’t have to be the same trade group that you invested. So long as your friend makes any deposit through the site, you are going to be credited the corresponding amount.


Trade Group Benefits

More investments, more profits

New trade groups can make more profits by joining escrow service because investors are more confident that their money will not be lost.


Fast Approval

New trade groups that wish to join the escrow service will be considered in a maximum of 7 days.


Free registration

Trade groups are not required to pay anything during registration.


Solid Protection

Just like the investors’ accounts, trade groups’ accounts are also protected. While it is optional for investors to use 2FA for logging into their accounts, it is a must for trade groups. Apart from this feature, has protection against DDoS attacks.


Conclusion is a site that unites both investors and those that want to offer investment opportunities from their business. It minimizes loss for the investor and provides more customers for trade groups. Registration on the site is fast and easy, whether you are an investor or a trade group. is a place where everyone can gain satisfaction.




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Disclaimer: Not all the websites listed in our Top List are 100% safe to invest. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

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