Hashtraders.biz Review – Paying up to 0.2% hourly

Hashtraders.biz Review

Hashtraders.biz, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not.

Hashtraders.biz Payment Status: PAYING

Hashtraders.biz Review
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Hashtraders.biz investment plans are 3.84% daily profit for 90 days, 4.08% daily profit for 90 days, 4.32% daily profit for 90 days and 4.8% daily profit for 90 days. The minimum investment is 0.01 BTC and the referral commission is 5% on the first level.

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Hashtraders.biz Status on HYIP Monitors



Hashtraders.biz is a place where bitcoin and other cryptocurrency traders make collective efforts to bring high returns on investments. With their team of expert traders, you can rely on them to give you consistent income daily, even if you don’t know anything about cryptocurrency trading.

Apart from realizing money from trading, investors are also going to enjoy some free coins from its ICO which will start in about two months from now.

The traders in the company are certified professionals in various fields such as engineering, marketing, and financial management. The company is as well registered under the number, 10881879, by the Companies House in the UK. This happened on July 25, 2017. Hash Traders Limited is located at 5 Old Bailey, London, United Kingdom,C4M 7BA.


Hashtraders.biz Overview

Hashtraders.biz explains clearly how it intends to carry out its ICO and hourly investment transactions. Since the ICO is yet to come, you will only find proof of payment for the hourly investments which is already working out.

The team and partners of the company are listed on a separate page; you can easily find the link to this page as soon as you visit the site. On this page, you will discover why Hashtraders.biz is a preferred place to invest your money. Many of the team members have held important positions in some other companies in the past before they came together as one family at Hashtraders.biz.

There are some trusted partners to buy and sell Bitcoins listed on this same page. This has been itemized to help anyone who needs help in finding some genuine ones to do so with ease.

Apart from the ICO and the default investment program, people can also earn on Hashtraders.biz by participating in the contest called “Name It”. Details of the contest will be brought to you in the next paragraphs.


Hashtraders.biz Benefits


Hashtraders.biz’s Initial Coin Offering features 5000 tokens exchanging for 1 BTC. The ICO is based on the “Ethereum-Smart Contract” for those who have active deposits in the company. At most, there will be a total of 50 million tokens in supply and profits will be distributed according to the percentage of tokens one has. For instance, if a person has 23% of the tokens, he or she will get 23% of the company’s profits. This is expected to be much since Hashtraders.biz will be distributing 100% of the profits it makes. Token distribution will be done on January 1, 2018, at exactly 0:00 UTC. After January 1, token holders will be able to sell to others or reserve them as a means of earning from the company. Only 2.5 million tokens will be pre-allocated to the company’s development team as a means of earning money to sustain operations. If by January 1 an investor has an active deposit of 1BTC for example, he or she will have a share equivalent to 5000 tokens while a deposit of 2 BTC means 10,000 tokens for the investor. The number of tokens can be as much as 50 million tokens but cannot be greater than it.


Win 5 BTC in Contest

The contest is targeted at the upcoming token distribution. Participants are to suggest a name and design a logo for the event. The deadline for the submission is November 26, 2017, while voting for the best 50 entries will take place between December 5 and December 10. The result will be made known on the website on December 15, 2017 and the winner will get 1000 tokens and 5 BTC.


Investment Offers

Hashtraders.biz has four investment offers as follows:

  • 0.16% hourly for 0.01 BTC to 1 BTC
  • 0.17% hourly for 1.01 BTC to 5 BTC
  • 0.18% hourly for 5.01 to 10 BTC
  • 0.2% hourly for 10.01 BTC and above.

All contracts last for 90 days and payments are made on the weekends and public holidays.


Instant Withdrawal

There is no human interruption during the withdrawal process. All withdrawal requests will therefore be processed immediately it is sent.


Dedicated Support

The support team is dedicated to answer your queries and address every technical issue you may have. On the home, a chat window pops up to remind you that there is someone eager to speak to you. If you don’t intend to chat, you may send a mail to wecare (at) Hashtraders.biz or dial the UK number, +441367480007.


Affiliate Bonuses

Ordinary affiliates get 5% commissions on their referrals deposits, while representatives get 5% plus 20 tokens per referral. The more the number of referrals you have as a company representative, the more your tokens increase, and you can choose whatever you want to do with it. One must not have an active deposit to be an ordinary affiliate or a representative. The two positions are entirely free of charge.


Bank-level Security

Before you open Hashtraders.biz, there is a check on your server to know if it is safe for the website. This is to prevent malicious software from attacking the website. To further ensure that you have no loss in any of your transactions, Hashtraders.biz issues transaction receipts for deposits and withdrawals. Hence, you are meant to keep your deposit receipts until you have received all the benefits for it.



Hashtraders.biz is one place to win lots of cash prices. The company felt that the hourly payment was not even enough, so it introduced the ICO and contest to increase the chances of its members. If you are ready to take your income to the next level, Hashtraders.biz should be your starting point. We encourage you to take part in it today with your spare money.





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Disclaimer: Not all the websites listed in our Top List are 100% safe to invest. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

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