Hourpay.net Review (SCAM) – Earn up to 10% hourly anytime

Hourpay.net Review

Is Hourpay.net a scam or paying? You can take the following review as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not.

Hourpay.net Payment Status: SCAM… NOT PAYING…

Hourpay.net Review
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Hourpay.net has an investment plan of 1.1-1.15% hourly for 96 hours, 2.2%-2.5% hourly for 50 hours and 6-10% hourly for 24 hours. The minimum investment is $20 USD and the referral commission is 3%.

Started: December 26, 2016
Added to Database: May 01, 2017

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Hourpay.net Status on HYIP Monitors


Hourpay.net is an investment site that has been running effectively for the past 200+ days. Since its creation, it has spent over 9 million dollars as profits to investors. Investors keep patronizing the company even after their contracts expire because of its working structure. It has succeeded in attracting investments nearly up to 17 million dollars.

Hourpay Limited does trading and cryptocurrency exchange so well that it is able to guarantee returns every hour. It is a place where professionals feel secure to spend their money knowing full well that there is a high chance of getting it back in increased measure.

Hourpay.net is registered in the UK with the number, 10492625.


Hourpay.net overview

Hourpay.net is a professional site and beautiful to behold. It is professional in the sense that visitors can have a complete knowledge of what to expect by joining the investment company and there are no ads on the website. The “last deposits” and “last withdraw” sections seem to suggest that Hourpay limited pays promptly into the different payment systems it supports.

Facebook, Twitter and Skype are three other ways by which people can follow Hourpay.net apart from the live chat feature on the website. One can navigate from one page to another by following some links either at the top or at the bottom of any page.

To access an existing account or to open a new one, you can do that by clicking the respective links at the middle of the home page. Opening an account doesn’t take time and it is possible to be done with the steps in less than a minute. Only try to have your preferred account wallet handy so as to supply it immediately at the registration page.


Hourpay.net Benefits

Various Payment Solutions

You are privileged to be an investor at Hourpay.net because you can be paid in many ways. You can choose to be paid with Perfect Money, Bank wire, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Payeer, or AdvCash. However, to receive payment into any of these systems, you must try to make your deposit with the same payment system. You can pay in USD, EUR OR BITCOINS.


Highly Profitable

There are three profitable plans at Hourpay.net. They include:

  • 1.1-1.15% hourly for 96 hours
  • 2.2-2.5% hourly for 50 hours
  • 6-10% hourly for 24 hours.

The investment requirements for these plans are a minimum deposit of $20, $500, and $5000 respectively.

You can use the calculator at the bottom of the specified plans to know what your interest on each plan will be.



Hourpay.net has been working for over 200 days already. This means that they must have a structure that makes it possible for investors to enjoy longer pay days unlike some other sites that close down within a month.


Instant deposit

Apart from bitcoin payments which require only one confirmation, the other payment systems will send your money as soon as you verify your transaction. This is to ensure that your investment matures very quickly.


Referral Commission

Referrals get around 3% commission and 10% for being a company representative. Referrals don’t need to have an active deposit to get their benefits if all they want is the 3% benefit. To earn higher, an application will be sent to the support team.


Hot Bonus

Hourpay.net has some hot bonuses to give out in addition to its normal investment profits. These hot bonuses are available from June 15 till the last day in September. The bonus was instituted to express gratitude to the big investors in the company. Investors will be rewarded as follows:

  • $3000-$5000 will receive 30% bonus reward
  • $5001-$50000 will receive 50% bonus reward
  • $50001-$500000 will receive 100% of the bonus reward plus 3% of the company’s annual total profit and an invitation to the company’s headquarters in Dubai for its annual reception.

Although the total rewards to be shared is not yet known, there are hopes that the amount will be high considering the facts that the value of bitcoin keeps rising and more investors are identifying with Hourpay.net, thereby increasing the company’s profit-making potentials.



Hourpay.net has been online since 2016, making it one of the longest surviving HYIPs. Its payment details on the home page show that they are steadfast and up to date in making payments to beneficiary accounts regardless of the stress involved in sorting out the different payment systems: Payeer, Perfect Money, Advcash, Litecoin and bitcoin. Getting paid by wire transfer also makes it a lot better for those who would love to merge their money at once without contacting an exchange service. To enjoy all of these benefits, simply use the registration link which is free for all. Just try to invest only your spare money. That is how we advise anyone who needs counseling on investing in HYIPs.


Hourpay.net is a SCAM. IT’s stopped paying….



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Disclaimer: Not all the websites listed in our Top List are 100% safe to invest. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

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Agus Salim STA

Is Scam and I Have Invested $1.490 not paying,

Jorge Majluf

Is a SCAM, Ihave invested 700 hundred dollars on it 15 days ago first they started paying and at the second day thy stop and until now I can’t access to my account they ask me to deposit more tan 1500 dollars to let me in again and now they don’t answer any of my mails and i have proof of everything !!!!!!!!


hourpay still paying, i invest 20 dollars for test the site in the 96 hours plan and they paying me 21.12 dollars, i receive payment in my payeer acount, this scamm alert is wrong

Jorge Majluf

Is a SCAM, Ihave invested 700 hundred dollars on it 15 days ago first they started paying and at the second day thy stop and until now I can’t access to my account they ask me to deposit more tan 1500 dollars to let me in again and now they don’t answer any of my mails and i have proof of everything !!!!!!!!


Very speedy honest as always Date : 09/22/2017 09:32 From/To Account : U13530439 Amount : 1281.00 Currency : USD Batch : 188926424 Memo : API Payment. Withdrawal from hourpaid.com.


Paying yo to now I don’t know why you say they are scam


Hourpay Ltd ​(hourpay.net) ​has just cheated me and should no longer be trusted or promoted.
​I had just deposited $1500 on 8/29 when my password stopped working & password recovery would not work.
​Have emailed support every day and had no reply.
Please blacklist this company as a scam so others do not get cheated too.