Icounlimited.com Review – ICO Broker paying up to 15% daily forever

Icounlimited.com Review

Icounlimited.com, is it a scam or paying? The following review will serve as a reference to help you make a decision whether to invest or not.

Icounlimited.com Payment Status: PAYING

Icounlimited.com Review
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Icounlimited.com investment plans are 10% daily forever, 12% daily forever and 15% daily forever. The minimum investment is 0.001 BTC and the referral commission is 5% on your first level.

Added to Database: October 21, 2017

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Icounlimited.com is an investment site that focuses on the profitability of ICOs. ICO, which means Initial Coin Offerings, is used as a fundraising technique to generate funds for upcoming cryptocurrencies. Normally, people who partake in the offerings get some tokens to sell to others later in the future, especially if the cryptocurrency becomes well known. On the other hand, they may decide to keep it as a source of residual income from the company in question.

ICOs are really profitable, but the problem is that many of them are not genuine. Hence, instead of gaining, one may end up losing in an ICO. That is why Icounlimited.com has come up with the idea to handle your ICO investments while the profits realized from your deposit are shared between Icounlimited.com and you. Even though you won’t be getting all the money from the ICO your money went to, you are at least relieved from the stress of finding a credible ICO to join. You are also not to bother yourself with any requirement the ICO requires since Icounlimited.com will represent you in everything.

Icounlimited.com just started doing this on October 19, 2017. By next year, ICO Unlimited aims at getting an Android App, extend its offices to the USA, Japan, Russia, and Canada, as well as making a total sale of approximately 8.8 billion dollars in ICOs.

ICO Unlimited is actually a limited liability company. It was incorporated in the UK with the number 10980329. The office address is at Berkeley Square House, Mayfair, London, United Kingdom, W1J 6BD.


Icounlimited.com Overview

Icounlimited.com was launched on October 19, but the company is already more than three weeks old, having been registered on September 25, 2017. That makes the website only one day old online, even though that has not affected its performance a bit. In one day, it has been able to get more than 1800 investors and deposits nearly up to 8.7 BTC.

Icounlimited.com has a short YouTube video to teach new and intending members about what they can expect from the company. It also has a chat window that pops up to give a small noise when the website downloads.

Icounlimited.com’s Google Map is on the support page. The company has included it as part of the website pages so as to give a clear direction on how to locate their London office.

Icounlimited.com has both Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can look at what they have thereby following their logos at the top of the page. Their company status can also be checked regularly with the Companies House link adjacent to those of Facebook and Twitter.


Icounlimited.com Benefits

High-Profit Potential

The potential to make high profits at the end of the day is there because the investment plans look good. The company pays:

  • 10% daily forever (for 0.001-10 BTC)
  • 12% daily forever (for 10.001-50 BTC)
  • 15% daily forever (for 50.001-200 BTC)

There is a profit calculator on the site for calculating daily, weekly and monthly profits for any investment offer you would love to have.


Short Term Plans

Getting paid every day is a good thing especially when the interests are high. It prevents disappointments, stagnation, and indebtedness.


Contact Icounlimited.com

Icounlimited.com’s members of staff are all eager to see you at their office. Anyone who cannot make it there may send an email and he or she will be attended to. The email address set aside for this is support (at) Icounlimited.com. Even if you are not signed into your email account, you can still send them a message by filling out the support form clearly.


Affiliate Program

Icounlimited.com has two levels in its affiliate program. The first level pays 5% while the second level affiliate system pays 2%. There is no limit to what you can have and you even have no need of an active deposit.


Free Withdrawal

No fees will be deducted from your account during withdrawals. Your balance, should, therefore, remain as it should be after every Icounlimited.com withdrawal request.


Regular and Weekend Payments

Apart from getting paid every day, be aware that Icounlimited.com also pays on the weekends.


Lifetime Earnings

Icounlimited.com has prepared to continue supporting their investors in season and out of season. The company investors will have so much profit if ICO unlimited continues to do well.


Fast Support

The support comprises a chat window, an email account, a phone number, and a support form to fill.



Benefiting from an ICO can be a bit tasking if you have no laid down format to get one, but that stress is taken care of by Icounlimited.com. To purchase a plan, please use Bitcoins as that is the only payment processor accepted by the company. We encourage you to use your spare money.





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Disclaimer: Not all the websites listed in our Top List are 100% safe to invest. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never invest into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

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